About Earth Horse Energy Advisors

Earth Horse Energy Advisors is an independent corporate advisory firm that specializes in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Earth Horse assists with the marketing of oil and natural gas properties and companies, buy side mandates, provides investor relations support, valuations and fairness opinions and offers additional advisory services which include strategic planning, assisting in negotiations and providing customized industry analysis.

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In addition, feel free to reach out to Ryan Ferguson Young at Ryan.FY@ehenergyadvisors.com or (587) 432-0584 to discuss what you are seeking. Customized information will assist Earth Horse in refining its direct marketing strategies as well as ensure we contact you  about packages that meet your objectives for selective and quiet marketing processes.

Corporate Sales

We have been lead agent/advisor in dozens of corporate sale and/or strategic alternatives processes of varying sizes since 2006.

Buy-Side Mandates

Use our extensive knowledge on the sell side to be effective while looking at buy-side opportunities.


We provide valuations of oil & natural gas properties and companies.

The valuations can be used for a purchase, CRA, a banking relationship, a financing or to provide a market value to various stakeholders.

Other Advisory Services

We provide customized industry analysis, assistance with negotiations and strategic planning.

Property Divestitures

We have led nearly a hundred property divestiture packages (ranging from one property to a few dozen in an offering) of varying sizes since 2006.

Investor Relations

In addition to the typical corporate advisory services, Earth Horse also offers investor relations support.

Fairness Opinions

Leverage our experience in providing fairness opinions to ensure a deal is fair from a financial point of view to your shareholders.

Earth Horse's founder has provided numerous fairness opinions to industry since 2006.

Equity Financings

Through a partnership with a mid-sized investment bank, Earth Horse has gained access to the equity markets.

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Phone: (587) 432-0584